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Equine Wellness Symposium

The Equine Wellness Symposium is a two-and-a-half day multi-disciplinary event held every other year. This unique symposium is dedicated to illustrating comprehensive, optimal care of the sport horse and promises to deliver valuable insights from world-renowned veterinarians, farriers, nutritionists, chiropractors and other equine professionals. Each year’s theme varies. The 2015 symposium will focus on compensatory injuries, or “Injury and Compensation in the Sport Horse: Diagnostics, Treatment and Rehabilitation.” The program will have RACE approval for veterinarians to earn continuing education credits, and is already accredited by the APFA approval for farriers to earn the same.

This event is open to the entire equestrian community, reaching across all disciplines to professionals and amateurs alike. Because management of a horse’s health and its ability to perform at an optimum level is a comprehensive team effort, the Symposium is designed to educate all who are invested in producing or supporting top equine athletes in any sport discipline. A fantastic networking opportunity is promised for all in attendance. Trainers, riders, owners, managers, veterinarians, farriers, educators, and invested company representatives should not miss this unique and informative event.

The team at Hassler Dressage welcomes the public to their remarkable facility to access top quality information from trusted, knowledgeable specialists. The organizer of the Equine Wellness Symposium series, Susanne Hassler was inspired to create this event due to circumstances surrounding horses in her management. “The opportunity to share valuable resources and stimulate thinking on important topics was clearly before us.”

The premier Equine Wellness Symposia in 2012 focused on “Comprehensive Management to Optimize Sport Horse Performance and Health.” A DVD set is presently available for sale and will also soon be available on-line. Video production of the upcoming 2015 Symposium is also in the works.

The experts engaged to speak at the November 12-14, 2015 event include world-renowned veterinarians Dr. Tim Ober and Dr. Cooper Williams. Additionally, leading PhD researchers in the areas of equine anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, and rehabilitative therapies, Dr. Deb Bennett, Dr. Narelle Stubbs, and Dr. Sheila Schils will help shape and further the content of the topic. Two master farriers Desmond Hewitt and Charles Owen will also detail important topics for veterinarians, managers, and riders to consider in the prevention and treatment of compensatory injuries, including adaptive and rehabilitative shoeing and the topic of laminitis. The event is also well sponsored by leading companies equally invested in the well-being of all sport horses.

Unfortunately, due to disappointing participant response, the 2015 Equine Wellness Symposium has been cancelled. As much as we were looking forward to gathering this expert panel of speakers to discuss the important topic of Compensatory Injuries in Sport Horses, without an adequate audience, we could continue as planned. We hope to produce this meeting at a later date and extend our most heartfelt appreciation to those many companies that chose to sponsor our efforts:

Draper Therapies
Phelps Media