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2017 Education and Event Opportunities

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Exercise session on the Dressage Track during "Young Dressage Horse Trainers Symposium"
Longlining clinic with Bo Jenå
Lecture in fireplace room with Charles de Kunffy
Steffen Peters Clinic at Hassler Dressage
Sports Psychology seminar with Dr. Timmie Pollack
WBFSH 2010 Dinner reception in the 'Link" at Riveredge

2017 Educational Events Calendar

Our 2017 calendar features several exciting and innovative educational events to encourage riders, trainers, and dressage and other equine enthusiasts to gather here at Riveredge again this year!  2017 initiates our new Winter Education Series – Wine & Equine Event Evenings and a specially hosted THRIVE Body*Mind*Spirit Symposium.
We look forward to seeing you and to sharing in these valuable education opportunities.

Hassler Dressage at Riveredge Events

January 11 – Imaging Developments in Modern Veterinary Medicine Wine & Equine Event
January 25 – Body and Muscle Scoring as Tools for Nutritional Equine Management Wine & Equine Event
February 3-5: Charles de Kunffy Training Event
February 8 – “State of the Art” Exciting New Diagnostics to Better Maintain Your Horse’s Health Wine & Equine Event
February 22 – Understanding Saddle Fit and Using Shims to Optimize Wine & Equine Event
March 5: USDF Region One Annual Meeting
March 8 – Current Topics in Equine Reproduction Wine & Equine Event
March 22 – Comprehensive Equine Health Management Wine & Equine Event
April 5 – Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, and the Conditioning of the Equine Athlete Wine & Equine Event
April 7-9: Susanne von Dietze Training Event
April 19 – Understanding What Your Horse Is Telling You through Bodywork Wine & Equine Event
April 26 – Winter Equine Education Add-on – Equine Microbiome Project Discussion
May 12-13: Charlotte Bredahl-Baker Cancelled
June 10-11: THRIVE Body*Mind*Spirit Symposium in Clubhouse Symposium

Due to circumstances above and beyond our control we sadly announce the following Fall Events will not take place as planned.
October 20-22: The Charles deKunffy Dressage Training Symposium
November 3-4: Equine Wellness Symposium 2017

Please Join Us For Our FREE Wine & Equine Winter Educational Series

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All Wine & Equine Events are held in the Clubhouse of the Hassler Dressage at Riveredge Training Center from 6-7:30 PM.
Presenters include:
Dr. Dean Richardson and Barbara Dallap
Robert Croteau of Stolzfus Feeds/Progressive Nutrition
Cooper Williams, VMD, DACVSMR
Caitlyn Fiolka and Theresa Keyes, Custom Saddlery
Paul Loomis, MS or Dave Scofield, DVM, Select Breeders Service
Amy Polkes, DVM, DACVIM sponsored by Antech
Dr. Kathleen Anderson and Bruce Jackson, Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center
Patty Blakeslee, VMD, Unionville Equine Associates
Amy S. Biddle, Ph.D., University of Delaware

About Our April 26th Equine MicroBiome Project Lecture with Amy Biddle, Ph.D.

This study is focused on the difference in the gut’s microbiota of healthy horses versus laminitic or colic-prone horses, in addition to “easy keepers” versus “hard keepers: and the aging Equine in general. Participants will have the opportunity to enroll horses in this exciting project and gain direct benefit from Dr. Biddle’s progressive research.

Only three studies on the MicroBiome are currently taking place in health science today, with one focusing on the Human Microbiome, another on Canine. We are fortunate that the U of DE is the source for this Equine MicroBiome research and that we’ll have direct opportunity to learn directly from the PhD leading the study!

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