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Lemony’s Nicket

Harmony’s Lemony’s Nicket

2008 Hanoverian Stallion, 17.1 H

Londonderry – Weltmeyer – Latino

Owner: Harmony Sporthorses (Silver Spur Operating Co)

Breeder: Dietmar Eckardt, Burgwedel, Germany

Approved: VhW (Hanoverian), GOV, and ISR/ Oldenburg NA

Performance Test: 30-day-test in Schliekau, Germany

Sero-Negative for EVA, prior to freezing

Breeding Fee: $2500 LFG frozen semen only. Mares must apply due to limited availability

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About Lemony's Nicket

As partners in breeding, Harmony Sporthorses and Hengststation Pape were determined to find a new treasure to add to their collection of top class breeding and performance stallions. Knowing that one has to react when the time is right, the golden hour arrived at the 2011 Hanoverian Fall Elite Auction.

The three-year old Hanoverian stallion Lemony’s Nicket had already met considerable success under rider Thomas Scholtz with an important victory at Verden where he was titled Champion 3-year old Hanoverian stallion. He later convincingly won the 2011 German Bundeschampionat, again under Thomas Scholtz. Auction rider Melanie Wienand soon took over the reins and beautifully prepared him for the Hanoverian Fall Elite Auction, where in October of 2011, Harmony Sporthorses acquired this young gem for a record price. Tears of joy flowed for Ingo and Susan Pape over the opportunity to add such an incredible individual to their stallion line-up. “We are infinitely grateful to our partners at Harmony Sporthorses for the opportunity to have such a stallion in our lives.”

The team at Hengststation Pape prepared Lemony’s Nicket for his 30-day-test in Schliekau, Germany. He completed the test with excellent scores earning 9.5 for character and a perfect 10 on his walk plus a score of 9.25 for his trot and an 8.75 for his canter. He earned a very respectable score of 7.5 for his jumping ability. Having won the Bundeschampionat and the coveted title Champion Hanoverian, Lemony’s successful 30-day test was sufficient to earn his final breeding license.

Over the 2012 breeding season, Lemony’s Nicket successfully bred a large group of mares, proving his fertility to be excellent. His management team chose to give him a quiet year after all the pressures he met as a three year old. He blossomed in this quiet year and comes into 2013 ready to perform.

Lemony’s Nicket is a very special individual—one of those rare creatures whose natural quality and expression establishes a whole new standard. He is an absolute standout on every criteria as a top stallion—quality of movement, natural athleticism and expression, beauty, character, rideability, and his kind, personable nature. We eagerly anticipate his first foal crop in 2013 and await continued success on every platform for this marvelous stallion.

Top Offspring

Lemony’s Nicket’s first foal crop is arriving this spring


Lemony’s Nicket
Londonderry Lauries Crusador xx Welsh Pageant xx
Square Note xx
Windsor Queen Warkant
St.Pr. Erina
St.Pr.St. Wild Flower Weltmeyer World Cup I
St.Pr. Anka
Ramona Latino


Lemony’s Nicket’s sire Londonderry (photo below) has continued to make his mark on the breeding world. He has produced Champion stallions and sons such as Liberty Gold, Locksley I and Locksley II. londonderry-2Londonderry himself was the sovereign winner of his Hanoverian Stallion licensing in 1997. In 1999 Londonderry continued his success by being named Champion Young Hanoverian Stallion and Federal Champion Four Year Old Stallion Riding Horse. Londonderry continually passes on his wonderful type, long legs, beautiful head and exceptional movement.

Londonderry’s sire Lauries Crusador xx was awarded the prestigious Hanoverian Sire of the Year in 2007 due to his extensive list of successful offspring. Lauries Crusader’s impact on the breeding world continues to be immeasurable. He has produced several well-known licensed sons including Lancier, Longchamp (Reserve Bundeschampion in 1995) and Londontime.

Lemony’s Nicket’s dam line continues to add strong athletic influence. Lemony’s Nicket’s dam herself passes on her outstanding qualities. StPrSt Wild Flower is registered with an 8 in the main studbook. She received a 9 for her head, schung (impulsion + swing) and elasticity. During her Mare Performance Test she was awarded a 9 for her walk, rideability and ability to free jump.Weltmeyer_1_web

His damsire Weltmeyer adds power and athleticism to this already outstanding pedigree. Weltmeyer was the Champion of the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in 1986. During that same year he was named Bundeschampionat. Dr Ludwig Christmann talks about Weltmeyer at the Bundeschampionat: “He moved through the arena unflustered. His trot was magnificent. It could not have been any better. The judging committee gave him the top score of 10. His canter stride was a leap forward flowing through the entire body of the horse. It earned a 9.5. The walk was ground-covering and earned an 8.0 In addition he received a 9.5 for conformation and for his overall impression.Latino_1_web” Weltmeyer’s impact as a breeding stallion is proven in his sons Wolkenstein I, II and III, Wolkentanz and Worldly. Weltmeyer has produced 86 licensed sons.

Lemony’s Nicket’s third generation brings the impressive Holsteiner “L” blood. His dam dam sire is Latino who is by the well-known Ladykiller xx. Ladykiller xx played an important part in reshaping the modern day sport horse. He continues to be a prominent stallion in the Holsteiner breeding, making an important impact on the breeding world still today.

With these extraordinary bloodlines Lemony’s Nicket is destined to succeed. His expression, rideability, athleticism and overall quality sets a new standard for breeding excellence.

Performance Career

Hanoverian region Champion in Verden, Germany
Bundeschampion for 3-year-old stallions in Warrendorf, Germany
High price seller of the Hanoverian fall elite auction in Verden, Germany

30 day stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf, Germany with a score of 9.29