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Scott Hassler

Scott Hassler is a widely respected and sought after educator, trainer, and horseman. He is respected at the highest levels of our country’s sport organizations as a visionary leader and for his depth as a horseman. Scott has a tremendous passion for the development of our sport and has served on many national committees for both USEF and USDF since 1999. He chaired the USDF Sporthorse Committee for many years and is still an active member. He advised both USDF and USEF on their Strategic Planning Committees and continues to serve on the USEF Dressage and USEF Breeders Committees. In 2006, Scott was named our USEF National Young Horse Coach and has been highly effective in this role ever since, training and coaching riders all over the country and overseas. Scott was instrumental in creating our pipeline of national programs that ensure talented horses and riders are properly recognized and developed. Scott conducted the 2004 USDF National Symposium with Christoff Hess and Steffen Peters and again in 2011 with the other USEF coaches. Scott recently co-conducted the 2013 USDF National Trainers Conference with Steffen Peters.

Scott has a richly diverse background that covers every sporthorse discipline. He grew up eventing and competing open show jumpers through the Intermediate and mini-Prix levels. As a young teenager, he rode for the early Holsteiner organization in the US, preparing horses for auction and sale out of the Holsteiner headquarters in Virginia. Scott won numerous national Junior and Young Rider titles both with the USDF and the US Eventing Association. Scott has even had the experience of twice competing overseas as a member of a four-in-hand driving team.

Scott’s dressage training was most heavily impacted by his two and a half years under the late master Herbert Rehbein in Germany at Groenwohldhof near Hamburg. While overseas, Scott developed stallions to Grand Prix and competed at national shows across Germany. He invested himself in exploring all the warmblood breeds, developing a deep understanding of the connection between breeding and sport. Upon his return from Germany in 1991, Scott designed and developed Hilltop Farm in Colora, Maryland where he dedicated over 16 years to building Hilltop to its international stature and furthering his career as a trainer.

Scott actively campaigned several horses through Grand Prix, earning year-end USDF Championship titles and many regional Championship titles as well. In 1996, Scott was short listed with two horses for the Pan American Games. His collaborations today with other top horsemen like Steffen Peters continue to affirm and influence his training concepts. Scott’s positive, clear approach helps horses and riders blossom in both ability and confidence. Scott’s students are winning at all levels from young horse to Grand Prix on the Florida circuit, at the Jr/YR National Championships, NAJYRC, and at regional championships across the country.

Scott is leaving his mark in the industry as a leader, an educator, and an insightful horseman. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between breeders and trainers, Scott created the first ever Young Dressage Horse Trainers Symposium to inspire more professionals to focus their talents on the progressive training of young horses to FEI. Launched in 2005, this annual event sponsored by Harmony Sporthorses continues today as a signature event for Hassler Dressage. YDHTS is widely recognized for its impact in raising the standard of young horse training in this country in addition to its positive platform of exchange and camaraderie amongst professionals.

In 2015, Scott returned to the competition arena, committed to aim for the top of the sport aboard two new mounts owned by Harmony Sporthorses. Harmony’s Diamo Gold and Harmony’s Star Agent are both developing nicely toward the Grand Prix and showing exceptional talent. Watch for Scott in the competition arena during the winter season in Wellington or at the shows in the mid-Atlantic region during the remainder of the year. Scott is available to train interested students who are willing to travel to Riveredge for training and, on a limited basis, Scott is available for clinics, symposium, and other guest appearances.


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